Before working in the tech industry, I spent several years in academia trying to better understand the complicated relationships between environmental exposures, stress, and population health.

Outside of my work, I enjoy bicycling, digital art and art generally (that's a self-portrait to the right), climbing, photography, cooking, longboarding, music collecting, philosophy, psychology, traveling, and volunteering. I love talking to people who are passionate about "ideas", if that makes sense.

Not satisfied? Here are some random fun facts about me:
  • I make a very good scrambled eggs and hash brown breakfast. I mean really, really good. Really.
  • I'm confident I'm the only person on earth with the name Roni Kobrosly (one of the perks of having a bicultural background).
  • My all-time favorite book is Don DeLillo's White Noise.
  • I have a well-seasoned wok that I'm obsessed with.
  • I'm a skeptic.
If you're wondering why I have a `.net` domain, it's because I bought this domain a long time ago, back when `.net` was somewhat fashionable 🙂

a picture of me